Help Me Believe "Refutes" "Common" Mythicist Arguments... FAILS

Teacher or professor: Godless Engineer
Subject: Science, Politics
Content of the Lesson: Today, we take a look at how Help Me Believe fails at debunking Mythicist arguments but also he presents arguments that Mythicists don't make... at all. One thing he points out is that he thinks that Mythicists require archeological evidence to say that someone existed. While Pilate has archeological evidence, we don't need that in order to establish that someone existed. The bulk of the evidence would come from eyewitness testimony to their deeds and life. He also claims that nobody but the Gospel writers referenced PIlate in history. That is not true at all. Pilate is referenced by Philo of Alexandria and Josephus. Another "common" argument he tries to debunk is that the gospels aren't reliable because they're biased. That's not even the argument. Finally, he rants about the argument from silence and how it can't be used at all in an examination of history. This is patently false because if something happened in history yet nobody records it happening when it supposedly happened, that speaks volumes. Original Video: Help me out? Tweet this video: Jimmy Akin article: Subscribe to this channel: Join the Skeptic Mafia: Download CHRESTUS: Discord Server: Intro by "Gonna Go For it":

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