Bob the Science Guy: Andrew Wakefield | The Reckoning

Teacher or professor: Bob the Science Guy
Subject: Science
Content of the Lesson: Andrew Wakefield and the General Medical Council. Bob the Science Guy reviews the investigation and findings of the GMC. It is important to note that the GMC did NOT evaluate the findings of Dr. Wakefield's study, it investigated the ethics and methods he employed. For the complete ruling of the GMC: Next week we will look at Dr. Wakefield's findings in light of follow up studies and court cases. Please take a moment to like and subscribe to this channel Bob's Websites Check them OUT: Check out my RECOMMENDED VIDEOS Jose JG Gonzalez: Shawn Hawkins: Prof Dave Explains: Sean G Truth Army: Red's Rhetoric: GreaterSapien: DeadKennedyinSpace: The Shills: Prof Phil Bell: Common Sense Criticism: PlanarWalk: Roohif: WheresWa11y: I'll be updating this list every month or so and am constantly running across new creators. So check back frequently! Bob the Science Guy

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