SciShow: What Megalodon’s Teeth Say About Their Parenting

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Subject: Science
Content of the Lesson: A shark's teeth usually says "stay away", but we can learn a lot from them, including what type of parents they were. Hosted by: Michael Aranda SciShow is on TikTok! Check us out at ---------- Support SciShow by becoming a patron on Patreon: ---------- Huge thanks go to the following Patreon supporters for helping us keep SciShow free for everyone forever: Chris Peters, Matt Curls, Kevin Bealer, Jeffrey Mckishen, Jacob, Christopher R Boucher, Nazara, charles george, Christoph Schwanke, Ash, Silas Emrys, Eric Jensen, Adam, Brainard, Piya Shedden, Alex Hackman, James Knight, GrowingViolet, Sam Lutfi, Alisa Sherbow, Jason A Saslow, Dr. Melvin Sanicas, Melida Williams ---------- Looking for SciShow elsewhere on the internet? SciShow Tangents Podcast: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: ---------- Sources: IMAGES

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Flat Earthers Keep Getting Arrested, You Won't Believe Why!

Marvel at the stupid! It's so beautiful! Become a member to use cool emojis in live chat If you fancy supporting my fight against stupidity and help me get better equipment then please consider becoming a Patreon. Even £1/$1 a month could really help. Go to Or get some sweet Merch Donate to my Tweet me @FTFEofficial with video ideas, Flerfs to target and even direct insults. Follow my Facebook page Join my Discord Server The maker of my awesome intro Randomtings The makers of my awesome music The Maker of my logo and channel art Have you really read this far into the description? Go and watch the video! #FTFE #FIGHTTHEFLATEARTH #FlatEarth

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Food Theory: How To Survive Spicy Food... EXTREME Edition! (Hot Ones Challenge)

Help me host Jeopardy by signing the petition! ► Last time we tried the Hot Ones Challenge, we SCORTCHED our mouths but ultimately came up with the winning remedies for soothing the pain of hot food... or so we THOUGHT! Theorists from all over shared their own cures for a burning mouth and today we are TESTING them. From milkshakes to SOAP, there is nothing holding us back except our own pain. What will be crowned the best heat soother? Watch to find out! SUBSCRIBE for Every Theory! ►►    Want More FOOD THEORY? You've Been SCAMMED! (Supermarket Secrets) ► Tootsie Pops, How Many Licks? ► Never Order McDonald's Medium Fries! ► Kool Aid Man Is A Marvel Villain! ►     Don't Trust Your Cake! ►   Join our other Theorist Communities! Game Theory! ► Film Theory! ► Need Royalty Free Music for your Content? Try Epidemic Sound.  Get A 30 Day Free Trial! ►  Credits: Writers: Matthew Patrick and Luke Barats Editors: Danial "BanditRants" Keristoufi, Pedro Freitas, and Jerika (NekoOnigiri) Assistant Editor: Caitie Turner (viridianrosette)   Sound Editor: Yosi Berman  #HotOnes #SpicyFood #HotWings #HotSauce #HotOnesChallenge #FoodTheory #Food #Recipe #Matpat #GameTheory #FilmTheory

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Grigori Rasputin - An Infamous Murder - Extra History - #4

The first 1,000 people to use this link will get a 1 month free trial of Skillshare: Things are rapidly growing worse. While Rasputin recovers from the assassination attempt, Archduke Ferdinand has been shot. Rasputin writes to the Tzar to avoid getting involved in the Balkans to no avail. But this does not diminish Rasputin's influence. In fact, while Emperor Nicholas is away leading the army, Rasputin is one of the few close friends Empress Alexandra has left. Her popularity is quickly falling due to her own German heritage and the stress of being hounded by the press, police, and now assassins are causing Rasputin to crack. ___________ Support the people who make this show, vote for future Extra History topics, and get great perks at our Patreon! Subscribe & ! to our channel on YouTube at Got more info about Extra Credits on our website at Grab your Extra Credits gear at the store! ___________ Thanks for participating in this week's discussion! We want you to be aware of our community posting guidelines so that we can have high-quality conversations: Come chat with us live on Twitch Want to contact us directly? Email us: Interested in sponsoring an episode? Email us: ___________ Want more Extra Credits? Follow us on social media: Twitter : Facebook : Instagram : ___________ ♪ Get the intro music here! *Music by Demetori: ♪ Outro music: "Mad Monk" by Tiffany Roman

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Why Christian Responses to Deconstruction Are So Predictable

Whether you deconstructed Christianity recently or years ago, you’ve almost definitely been told “You just left because you want to sin. You hate god because life isn’t perfect. You’re trying to destroy the faith by sharing your story. You were never a true Christian. Your faith was obviously theologically weak,” and the like. Everyday Christians, as well as certain Christian apologists respond to deconstruction stories in these ways far too often, making them predictable. Why is this? With the help of some terms from the field of social psychology, I explain. My video on the ancient origins of “People choose to disbelieve because they want to sin”: -------------------------------------------FOLLOW------------------------------------------- Twitter: Facebook: -------------------------------------------SUPPORT------------------------------------------- Patreon: PayPal: Sources: Outgroup bias Outgroup homogeneity bias Hostile attribution bias Defensive attribution -------------------------------------------Resources for atheists in need------------------------------------------- Find a Secular Therapist: Recovering from Religion helps connect those who are leaving or have left their religion with support, resources and community: Resources for Ex-Mu’s: This video contains 100% therapeutic grade skepticism.* *This statement has not been evaluated by the FDA

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Second Dose Spacing, Natural Immunity, Lab Leak, & More (w/Dr. Marty Makary)

Our COVID science should be much better than it is. Here's a breakdown on spacing doses, natural immunity, gain of function research, therapeutics, healthcare worker burnout & much more. Transcript, audio podcast, and links to more interview with Johns Hopkins physician and editior-in-chief of MedPage Today Dr. Marty Makary here: Your support keeps us independent and mild-to-moderately awesome: Show, podcast, music, support, shop, social media, and email:

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Germany Controls Europe I Euromyths I ARTE Documentary

Some see Angela Merkel as a dominant figure in #Europe with Germany imposing its will over other EU member states. If it is true that many Germans hold key roles in #EU institutions, Germany has just one vote in the Council, the same as any other member state. Germany Controls Europe 🗓 Available until the 02/03/2039 ARTE Documentary is here to tell you more about what’s going on in the world of culture, news and current affairs with powerful, refreshing and entertaining docs subtitled in English for our international fans. Discover a whole world on #ARTE Subscribe to our Youtube channel: #Merkel #Germany #ARTEdocumentary

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SciShow: What Megalodon’s Teeth Say About Their Parenting

Teacher or professor: SciShow Subject: Science Content of the Lesson: A shark's teeth usually says "stay away", but we can...