Did Jesus Exist & Survive His Crucifixion? GE vs David Mirsch on History Valley

Today we are having a debate with David Mirsch on whether or not Jesus existed. We also have the added bonus of discussing a possible swoon theory that seems to be primarily based on ad-hoc reasoning. Essentially, David believes that Jesus is the son of Caiphus. Caiphus planned for Jesus to be identified as the messiah and set him up for that role. When it came time for Jesus' trial, Caiphus pushed for Jesus to be crucified rather than stoned. This whole idea is weird but most importantly has no basis in evidence. Original Stream: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w0mtOtrYgEc Daily Bible Podcast: http://www.thedailybiblepodcast.com Subscribe to this channel: http://SubToGE.com Join the Skeptic Mafia: http://JoinSkepticMafia.com Available Deals -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Get 15% off Ridge Wallets: http://godlessengineering.com/ridgedeal -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Merch -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Download CHRESTUS: https://chrest.us Get your "Citation Fucking Needed" Shirt: http://citationfuckingneeded.com "got evidence?" shirt: http://gotevidenceshirt.com "btw, evolution is a fact" shirt: http://btwevolutionisafact.com ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Discord Server: http://bit.ly/JoinGodlessDiscord

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