Friar Casey Asks Atheists The Wrong Questions

Today we are examining a couple of bad questions from Friar Casey. Father...Friar...I'm not sure which is more correct but in any case, these questions he's asking are the wrong questions to ask. He basically asks "Are you a good atheist?" in two different contexts. In one context he means "Are you a good person?" and the other context is about whether you can defend your position as an atheist. He makes a lot of demands on atheists. Like the idea that we are responsible for making them better in some fashion. As far as being a good person, he thinks that there needs to be some superstructure governing our actions. If he thinks we need that, then I would point to society and social norms. Casey consistently asks the wrong questions. Original Video: Daily Bible Podcast: Subscribe to this channel: Join the Skeptic Mafia: Available Deals -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Get 25% Off Ekster Wallets: -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Merch -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Download CHRESTUS: Get your "Citation Fucking Needed" Shirt: "got evidence?" shirt: "btw, evolution is a fact" shirt: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Discord Server:

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