MRA Doesn't Want To Pay Child Support ft. Darrel Ray || The Line Clip

Today on @The Line we have an MRA that really doesn't want to support any children he brings into this world or he doesn't want women to have bodily autonomy. I'm not sure which one he wants more. I think that he really doesn't want to pay for the kids he's already had and wants to be able to control women in the future so that he doesn't have to worry about paying for other kids he's planning on creating. This all assumes anyone would actually sleep with an insufferable piece of trash like him which is unlikely I know but still...that's the vibe I get. Original Video: Daily Bible Podcast: Subscribe to this channel: Join the Skeptic Mafia: Available Deals -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Get 25% Off Ekster Wallets: -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Merch -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Download CHRESTUS: Get your "Citation Fucking Needed" Shirt: "got evidence?" shirt: "btw, evolution is a fact" shirt: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Discord Server:

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