How Gutsick Gibbon Erika Left Young Earth Creationism

Teacher or professor: Godless Engineer
Subject: Science, Politics
Content of the Lesson: Today we are talking with Erika, also known as Gutsick Gibbon on youtube, about how she came to leave Young Earth Creationism. She grew up in a not too religious home but ended up going to a very religious school where they taught creationism rather than evolution. She had her head filled with the idea that creationism was the only explanation. That is until she found a biology book that explained things differently. She eventually left behind Young Earth Creationism to study actual science in the field of biology. Subscribe to Gutsick Gibbon: Erika's Debate: Subscribe to this channel: Join the Skeptic Mafia: Download CHRESTUS: Discord Server: Intro by "Gonna Go For it":

Click here to view video on YouTube.

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