Hosea's Ill Named Children || GE & KC's Daily Bible Podcast, Day 131

Teacher or professor: Godless Engineer
Subject: Science, Politics
Content of the Lesson: Today on the Daily Bible Podcast, Hosea doesn't really seem to like his children but that's because they probably aren't his kids. So Hosea is just a normal guy but then one day God tells him to marry a morally flexible woman that loves to step out on Hosea. That eventually results in 3 kids that he names poorly. One is named after a Slaughter, another is flat out told that they are not loved, and the other is told that they aren't his. He claims that he'll come around and stop being such a butthole to him but for now, he's pretty upset over the situation he got himself into. Subscribe to this channel: http://SubToGE.com Join the Skeptic Mafia: http://JoinSkepticMafia.com Download CHRESTUS: https://chrest.us Discord Server: http://bit.ly/JoinGodlessDiscord Intro by "Gonna Go For it": https://goo.gl/1Ay1Q3

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