There We Are Then EP.03 With RANTY (Flerfspective)

There We Are Then EP.03 With RANTY (Flerfspective), find his channel here Welcome to Episode 3 of There We Are Then, today's guest FLERFSPECTIVE (formally known as RANTY FLAT EARTH) knows everything there is to know about being a FLAT EARTHER, after all, he did use to be one. Don't forget to SUBSCRIBE to T.W.A.T here TODAY'S TOPIC IS FLAT EARTH. Want to join the conversation? Head over to my discord server, join the THERE WE ARE THEN LIVE live voice channel, enter the green room and an admin will screen your call and put you through when it's your turn. There we are then is a chat show/call-in show where I invite creators, audience members, and generally interesting people on for a good old-fashioned chin wag. I am very aware that not everyone likes live streams so I have set up a 2nd channel for this show which is linked above, so if you enjoy conversation and obviously a few giggles then you're going to love T.W.A.T. 🎬GOT A TOPIC OR GUEST YOU'D LIKE TO SEE? PLEASE PUT *T.W.A.T GUEST or TOPIC* in the subject line. TAKE A LOOK AT THE NEW PATREON TIERS HERE JOIN US OVER ON DISCORD ✔️BECOME A CHANNEL MEMBER ✔️PLEASE CONSIDER BECOMING A PATREON your support is truly appreciated 💛 ✔️Support the channel via PayPal or 🎉Book Me On Cameo Shout-outs, Birthday greetings, whatever you need. ✔️Buy me a Coffee or a Pepsi max ✔️Amazon Wish List 👕BLINDER GANG MERCH ✔️BECOME A CHANNEL MEMBER ✔️WEBSITE AND SOCIAL MEDIA 📌Join the conversation on Discord 📌Follow me on Twitter 📌Follow me on Instagram 📌Follow the guy that did my logo 📌Like my Facebook Page ✔️Got your own channel? Click here ✔️THE MUSIC I USE ✔️I go Live using Melon Ap

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