Conspiracy Theories That Are Completely INSANE (Time Travel)

Conspiracy Theories That Are Completely INSANE, TIME TRAVEL, I have no idea if Apex TV is a parody channel or not, but they have some absolutely insane TIME TRAVEL videos on the channel and I thought, well, why not, it would be rude not to really, wouldn't it. 🔔 SUBSCRIBE for more content like this: ❤ If you enjoy my channel and would like to support what I do there are a few different ways you can show your support listed below: ✔️New Website is up and running, it has an alternative to Patreon A, MEMBERS ONLY AREA, MEMBERS ONLY MERCH, NEWSLETTER: Head over and let me know your thoughts ✔️BECOME A CHANNEL MEMBER ON YOUTUBE ✔️PLEASE CONSIDER BECOMING A PATREON ✔️Support the channel via PayPal or ✔️Amazon Wish List ✔️SOCIAL MEDIA 📌Join the conversation on Discord 📌Follow me on Twitter 📌Follow me on Instagram 📌Follow the guy that did my logo 📌Like my Facebook Page ✔️Got your own channel? Click here ✔️THE MUSIC I USE ✔️Gear I use myself and recommend (affiliate) #thecreakyblinder

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