Simon and Fudgy's Road Trip through France

Lesson: Simon and Fudgy's Road Trip through France
Teacher / Professor: Eatyourkimchi Studio
Content of lesson: Hi everyone. Simon here. Long time no see. I haven’t posted any food or travel content since I left Japan, and found myself in a weird space for a long time. But, hey, I finally made a food and travel video. I went to France recently, and got some fun footage of swimming with Fudgy in Lake Annecy, hiking with him in Montmin, and having some great French food with him as well, in Moulin du Gastronome, Clos de Sens, and a lovely guesthouse around Provence. I really enjoyed being creative again, and spent the last couple of weeks putting this video together, and I made something that I like that I wanted to share. I hope you like it too. Posting this video has been a very exciting, but also deeply anxious experience for me. I’m not sure how much I’ll engage with the comment section here, because I’m very uncomfortable with violence in communication, and I don’t feel very safe with what I’m expecting to read here. If you want to connect with me, with kindness and compassion and sincerity, then here’s the Discord I’ve been engaging with for a while now. It’s a nice community over there, and it’s a place where I feel safe. Please join if you’d like to connect. Please don’t come to harass or judge me, or to spoil it for other people there who also view it as a safe space. ☞ I’ve got some scripts in the works for videos on my book club. Come check it out if you’re interested in talking about psychology, neuroscience, emotions, the nervous system, relationships, love, and other cool topics. ☞ 0:00 Intro: Why I made this video 1:33 My time with Fudgy 2:28 Road Trip Montage 3:53 Swimming in Lake Annecy 7:14 Exploring Annecy 8:41 Hiking in Montmin 10:22 The Tartiflette 11:21 My favorite Fudgy Footage 13:12 Food in France 14:15 Moulin du Gastronome 16:04 Clos de Sens 17:41 Mas Conil 20:12 Conclusion

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