SciManDan: Misconception 1 - 10 Supercut

Teacher or professor: SciManDan
Subject: Science
Content of the Lesson: Misconception 1 - 10 Supercut If you haven't seen any of the misconception mini's yet then here are the first 10 in a supercut. 16 minutes of busting myths. 00:00 - There is no such thing as zero gravity 01:41 - Is the Great Wall of China really visible from space? 03:03 - Is the far side of the Moon actually dark? 04:33 - Black Holes are not cosmic hoovers 05:50 - Are the seasons really caused by Earth's distance to the sun? 07:38 - Is the Sun actually yellow? 09:23 - Did NASA really invent Velcro? 10:54 - Does coffee actually dehydrate you? 12:42 - Are fortune cookies from China? 14:33 - Did Vikings wear horns on their helmets? *** Music in this video: *** Thanks everyone NEW Website. Please do check it out: #facts #mythbusting #interestingfacts

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