SciManDan: Facebook Science is Super Cringe

Teacher or professor: SciManDan
Subject: Science
Content of the Lesson: *** Get Surfshark VPN at and enter promo code SCIMANDAN for 83% off and 3 extra months free! *** Facebook Science is Super Cringe Facebook science is a part of the internet that we do not want to see. I've attempted in this small series to highlight just how absurd it is, and that it absolutely can be countered. I hope I have done that. Whilst this is the last episode on Facebook science for a while, I am sure that at some point it will return. I hope you liked it. If you want to support the channel and get something cool at the same time, then we have BRAND NEW T-Shirt designs in the store on the BRAND NEW Website. Link is here: If you want access to behind the scenes photos and videos, chat groups and more then check out my recently revamped Patreon page. Take a look and join a new tier if you want some extra perks: Thank you all for watching! Dan's opinions shared in this video are supported by verified facts (whether scientific or general) and they should be treated as just that: opinions. All critique and humour are addressed to the words and actions of individuals and not to the individuals themselves, under the Act of Free Speech. #facebookscience #sciencefiction #funnyposts

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