The Shamrock Banks Observatory Meteor Fence Live

This is the live meteor fence going from across the State of Michigan at the 44th Parallel. It is a 'front scatter radar' I built from stuff in my garage and a software defined radio (SDR). The principle of the fence is rather straight forward. There are a series of over the horizon fm radio stations broadcasting at 102.3 along this line (Bad Axe, Big Rapids and Pentwater). I cannot read the signals to those stations directly. But when a meteor passes overhead I can see them briefly and record a trace. Specifically a sharp, vertical green or yellow line and there is a spike in the wavelength. Imagine a searchlight over the horizon from you. It may be very powerful, but due to the curvature of the earth we can not see it. However if an aircraft at great height flies between us and the searchlight (or just past it) and is illuminated by the searchlight, we CAN see the plane. As a meteor rips through the upper atmosphere at a height of 60-100 miles, it leaves a trail of ionized gases that persist briefly. Those gases reflect the signal from Q102 and I receive them with my directional antenna. They appear as strong vertical lime green lines that stand out from the background 'snow'. The fuzzy horizontal lines are atmospheric, the meteors and bright and sharp vertical lines. The lower third is the coarse view, you only see the bigger ones there. The upper left is fine tuned for the smaller ones. If you would like a more detailed explanation with examples see Of note, when testing this the other day and in front of radar experts in the chat, I was able to track two passes of the ISS to my west. It appears as a series of strong lime green vertical dashes. This presentation is not a discussion, it simply gives the same raw data I see for you to observe yourself. I'll be making a presentation video on the meteor fence going over all this on ResearchFlatMoon in the coming week. I'll stream the fence from evening to morning, as meteors are most frequent from Midnight to about 11 or 12 later that morning (why? does it have to do with the rotation and orbit of the earth???). Later I will stream the two radio telescopes in the Shamrock Banks Observatory for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy. Join our Discord Channel at Help the Channel by joining our channel as a member Patreon- or sending a Paypal for equipment (I do take requests for content) Music Credit Relaxation Works

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