Japan Unique Style Pub Lunch - Eric Meal Time #665

►Support my videos on Patreon (Reward Levels: Post Cards & Snack Packs): https://www.patreon.com/ericsurf6 ►GRAB A T-SHIRT? https://teespring.com/stores/ericsurf6-merch Use Promo Code: ERICSURF6 for 10% off at checkout. ►SUBSCRIBE for New Videos EVERY Wednesday & Saturday https://www.youtube.com/ericsurf6?sub... ►Instagram: Follow for Day in the Life Japan cool stuff: https://instagram.com/ericsurf6 ---------- Today's Menu: 0:00 Intro & Restaurant Atmosphere 0:40 Yebisu Beer (500ml) $5.50 1:08 Assorted Appetizer Plate (9 Items) $13.50 5:57 Assorted Sashimi Plate (5 Types) $22 9:18 Vegetable Tempura (Kakiage) $5.50 10:13 Japanese Paper Seafood Hot Pot (Nabe) $11 11:35 Cabbage Salad $5.50 13:17 Mini Beef Stew $6 14:23 Assorted Sushi $8 16:39 Pickled Vegetables (Tsukemono) $8 18:51 Spiny Lobster Soup Curry $19 23:24 Rice Wine (Sake) $4 Info on Restaurant in Atami City, Japan: https://tinyurl.com/ysrcrycj ----------

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