Airport VENDING MACHINES Tokyo - Eric Meal Time #668

New ready to eat ramen vending machine, bento lunch boxes, snack machines, & drinks. Location: Haneda Airport Terminal #2 in Tokyo. Get Some! ---------- ►Support my videos on Patreon (Reward Levels: Post Cards & Snack Packs): ►GRAB A T-SHIRT? Use Promo Code: ERICSURF6 for 10% off at checkout. ►SUBSCRIBE for New Videos EVERY Wednesday & Saturday ►Instagram: Follow for Day in the Life Japan cool stuff: ---------- Today's Menu: 0:00 Intro & New Ramen Machine Discovery 1:03 Sushi Bento Vending Machine 1:27 Ramen Machine (Attempt #2) 3:54 Eating Spicy Miso Ramen $6.50 5:22 Eating Sushi Bento Lunch Box $3 5:57 Calpis Water $1 6:36 Dried Ramen Snacks $1 8:14 Pork Broth Ramen Vending Machine (Tonkotsu) 9:34 Coffee Espresso Vending Machine 9:50 Eating Pork Broth Ramen (Tonkotsu) $6.50 11:40 Cafe Latte $1.40 12:31 Apple Pie $1.40 ----------

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