Sovereign Citizen Gets Arrested For Trespassing BONUS Court Appearance

Tonight's video is in memory of CLIFF Schrondingers Cat OVERBY, rest in peace pal, there are more of us to highlight these idiots and we will. Leave a Like 👍🏻 if you enjoyed Sovereign Citizen Gets Arrested For Trespassing BONUS Court Appearance! Watch the last vid Subscribe and enable notifications! 🔔 Will these Sovereign Citizens Ever Learn? This one who is a self-proclaimed law expert can't even understand trespass! ✔️BECOME A CHANNEL MEMBER 🎬GOT A VIDEO YOU WANT ME TO LOOK AT? PLEASE PUT *VIDEO SUGGESTION* in the subject line. ✔️PLEASE CONSIDER BECOMING A PATREON I've recently revamped my Patreon page. Take a look and join a new tier if you want some extra perks: 💛 ✔️Support the channel via PayPal or 🎉Book Me On Cameo Shout-outs, Birthday greetings, whatever you need. ✔️Buy me a Coffee or a Pepsi max ✔️Amazon Wish List 👕BLINDER GANG MERCH ✔️BECOME A CHANNEL MEMBER ✔️WEBSITE AND SOCIAL MEDIA 📌Join the conversation on Discord 📌Follow me on Twitter 📌Follow me on Instagram 📌Follow the guy that did my logo 📌Like my Facebook Page ✔️Got your own channel? Click here ✔️THE MUSIC I USE ✔️I go Live using Melon App ✔️GO NUTZ intro & Outro Music ✔️Gear I use myself and recommend (affiliate) #thecreakyblinder #satire #tidy #sardonicsurveyorofsocialstupidity

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