Selecting a Slide Rule 1- Basic Student Slide Rule

In this first episode of the three part series, we have a look at the basic student slide rule. Scales covered: C/D, A/B, S, T, ST, L, K In the next episode we will look at the 'Engineering' slide rule, with the example of the KE Rules and the Pickett N-3 Slide Rule (my recommendation for a basic entry level slide rule). The final episode will cover advanced slide rules, the Fuller Calculator and the Faber Castell N 2/83 Bob's Websites Check them OUT: Bob the Science Guy: ResearchFlatMoon (the production channel): Slide Rules and Mathematics (STEM Education): Common Sense Science (Archive and Livestreams): Please consider becoming a Patreon of the Channel- All money donated through paypal or from the patreons goes directly into improvements in the channel (computers, cameras, lights etc) or to create educational videos (sextants, telescope equipment, etc). Bob Join our Discord Channel at Help the Channel by joining our channel as a member Patreon- or sending a Paypal for equipment (I do take requests for content)

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