Christian Fails To Refute THIS Argument Against God

A Christian TikTok apologist thinks that he refuted this common atheist response to God's claims. He claims that just because we can naturally explain things that don't mean that God didn't create the universe. My position is nuanced on this because on the one hand, he's correct. It doesn't show that a God doesn't exist. It does refute specific definitions of God, but not a general idea of a deity. You can also use that line of thinking to come to the conclusion that a God probably doesn't exist but it doesn't refute the existence of God. Daily Bible Podcast: Subscribe to this channel: Join the Skeptic Mafia: Available Deals -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Get 20% Off Ekster Wallets: Get 15% off Ridge Wallets: -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Merch -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Download CHRESTUS: Get your "Citation Fucking Needed" Shirt: "got evidence?" shirt: "btw, evolution is a fact" shirt: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Discord Server:

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