The Big Bang Didn't Happen Where You Think

Where is the universe expanding into? Where did the big bang happen? Sign up for my FREE Varsity Tutors class! → Check out Varsity Tutors Club STEM! → Support Physics Girl videos → Creator/Host: Dianna Cowern Editor: Levi Butner Expanding Universe Animation: Keegan Larwin Cosmology Consultant: Dr. Ethan Siegel Special thank you to our X-Ray tier patrons: Carlos Patricio, David Cichowski, Eddie Sabbah, Fabrice Eap, Gil Chesterton, Isabel Herstek, Margaux Lopez, Matt Kaminski, Michael Schneider, Patrick Olson, Vikram Bhat, Vincent Argiro, wc993219 Music provided by APM Stock footage provided by Beachfront downloaded from Stock footage provided by mitchp downloaded from If you liked this video check out these: A picture of the beginning of the universe → Why is the Universe Flat? ft. Prof Alan Guth → Twitter/Insta/Facebook/TikTok: @thephysicsgirl Sources:,According%20to%20the%20big%20bang%20theory%2C%20all%20the%20matter%20in,universe%20erupted%20from%20a%20singularity

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