Stupidity Is Not A Right! Ep 4

Welcome back to your weekly look at the wacky world of wonder and crayon munching the called The Flat Earth. On this weeks show :- Seek Truth Speak Truth MCToon Planarwalk Obtain Dash Cancel Aftershow Become a member to use cool emojis in live chat If you fancy supporting my fight against stupidity and help me get better equipment then please consider becoming a Patreon. Even £1/$1 a month could really help. Go to Or get some sweet Merch Donate to my Tweet me @FTFEofficial with video ideas, Flerfs to target and even direct insults. Follow my Facebook page Join my Discord Server The maker of my awesome intro Randomtings The makers of my awesome music The Maker of my logo and channel art Have you really read this far into the description? Go and watch the video! #FTFE #FIGHTTHEFLATEARTH #FlatEarth

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