Italy: Barikama - A Migrant Cooperative I ARTE Documentary

WATCH: Sudan: Tigrayan Refugees Arrive from Ethiopia -  A group of migrants from Mali realised their dream of Europe did not match the reality. In Italy they were met with suspicion and exploitation. But they persevered and built independent lives as farmers and producers. Available until the 30/11/2023 ARTE Documentary is here to tell you more about what’s going on in the world of culture and current affairs with powerful, refreshing and entertaining docs subtitled in English for our international fans. Discover a whole world on #ARTEdocumentary​​​​​​ 💡 Want more from ARTE? Watch more of our programmes on ARTE in English 👉​​ Subscribe to our Youtube channel: You can also find us on: Facebook: Twitter: #Mali #Migrants #ARTEdocumentary #Europe

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