Bob the Science Guy: The Warrior Poet Debunker

Teacher or professor: Bob the Science Guy
Subject: Science
Content of the Lesson: Bob the Science Guy presents the Warrior Poet of the Debunking Community, DeadKennedyinSpace, and 5 new Flat Earth Fallacies. This is the channel I go to when I want something to think about. Check out his videos on words commonly misused by Flat Earthers. Show him some appreciation Team Bob the Science Guy! BlueMarbleScience: The Discussion Channels: Jose JG Gonzales: The Shills: follow me on TWITTER My Playlist: Playing Chess with Pigeons (Individual flat earth debunks) North Woods Scientist (Interesting Science Videos) Let’s Talk About Things with Dr. Bob (Patient Education) Flat Earth Clueless (Mark Sargent Flat Earth Clues) Eric Dubay Zealot or Conman? (Review of Eric Dubay’s Videos) Flat Earth Engineer (Balls Out Physics/Brian Mullin) Flat Earth Can’t Science (the Series that Started it All)

Click here to view video on YouTube.

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