Fight the Flat Earth

Teacher or professor: Fight the Flat Earth
Subject: Critical Thinking
Content of the Lesson: I dont think Del's going to enjoy this, but I had a blast making it. Thanks to Ragical for the tag team assist! Sub to the Unhallowed Knight here Watch the full Shed Rave Check out Miles Davis here If you fancy supporting my fight against stupidity and help me get better equipment then please consider becoming a Patreon. Even £1/$1 a month could really help. Go to Or get some sweet Merch Donate to my Paypal Tweet me @fightflat with video ideas, Flerfs to target and even direct insults. The maker of my awesome intro Randomtings The makers of my awesome music The Maker of my logo and channel art ▶️Source Video, ▶️Miles Davis, ▶️BestGreenScreen videos used for facepalm cannon: ▶️1080p MUZZLE FLASH Green Screen With Audio, ▶️Angin burn Aircraft jet drive jet fire - green screen effects, ▶️black smoke dust wave B - green screen, ▶️big fire explosion - black and green background - green screen effects, ▶️Rocket launcher fire sound effect | ProFX, Order of the Sillies ▶️Intro/Outro Music: Bama Country - Country by Kevin MacLeod licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license ( Source: Artist: Have you really read this far into the description? Go and watch the video! #FTFE #FIGHTTHEFLATEARTH #FlatEarth

Click here to view video on YouTube.

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