Real mermaid swims with sharks Real mermaid swims with sharks. Mermaid Kat is a professional mermaid, underwater model and ocean activist. She travels the word, swimming with creatures like dolphins, whales, sharks and crocodiles to create awareness for the ocean environment. Sharks are intelligent creatures that are often misunderstood and portrayed as blood thirsty monsters by the media and movie industry. In reality sharks are being hunted, mainly for their fins, which are being used for shark fin soup in Asia. As a status symbol, shark fin soup is very expensive and therefore shark fins trading became a multi-billion dollar industry. An estimated 100 million sharks are killed for their fins every year and therefore shark populations have decreased by 60 to 90 percent in just the last 15 years. Since shark populations take a considerable amount of time to recover (as sharks themselves mature within seven to 20 years), it is nearly impossible for them to bounce back as quickly as they are removed from oceans, leaving entire ecosystems at great risk. Experts estimate that most shark species will disappear because of longlining within 10 years. It is time to join the fight. Become an ocean hero! Say no to shark fin soup an help to spread the message on shark conservation. Sweet Ocean Kisses, Mermaid Kat

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