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This will be a two part episode. The first half will use the color camera (ZWO 294MC) for stunning views of galaxies, nebula and satellites in full color. For the second part we will move over to discord and change to the high resolution ZWO 533MM monochrome camera for some home science- finding and measuring the orbits of asteroids and comets for the Minor Planet Center- testing various exposures to find the dimmest objects we can see. Currently the limit of my Richey is about Magnitude 19. I think we are going to do much better than that tonight. We are using the Rowe Ackermann Schmidt Astrograph (RASA) 11 inch telescope. This is a unique kind of telescope- an 11 inch diameter aperture with 620mm focal length. The result is a a LOT of light coming to the camera in a very wide field, f/2.2 telescope. 1 min exposure with the RASA is the same as a 15-20 min exposure with my 8 inch Richey Telescope. Last night was first light for this new to me telescope (see the community section of my channel for some stunning, albeit technically imperfect, images). We can get full images with 15 min worth of subs vs 3-4 hours, so the live stream is 'lively'. I need a special adaptor (on back order of course) to attach the robotic focuser, so we are doing it by hand tonight. Focus is CRITICAL with a fast telescope like the RASA (very narrow field of focus at f/2.2) so the really crisp images will have to wait, but you will not be disappointed. Besides, I have the NASA Seal of Approval, so the telescope comes preloaded with all known and unknown objects just like in Wiki...... Equipment and Software: Celestron f/2.2 RASA 11 Celestron CGX-L Equatorial Mount ZWO 294MC and ZWO 533MM Cameras SharpCap Astrophotography Tool PHD2 Guiding Discord Link: NOTE: YOU MUST SUBSCRIBE TO THE CHANNEL (AT LEAST 5 MIN) TO POST TO THE LIVE STREAM. This is to build the audience for the live streams, you won't come if you don't know about them, so just hit the button and ring the bell. Note, if the link does not work, check out the latest stream on Shamrock Banks Observatory and a fresh link will be in the description! Help the Channel by joining our channel as a member Patreon- or sending a Paypal for equipment (I do take requests for content) Music Credit Relaxation Works

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