SciManDan: When You Don't Understand Anything About 5G

Teacher or professor: SciManDan
Subject: Science
Content of the Lesson: *** The first 100 people who subscribe to Klima will get 10 extra trees planted in their name! Just click the link and enter my code SCIMANDAN10. Let’s make our planet a greener place! 🌎 *** Today on Tinfoil Tuesday a channel by the name of "Thats Life But Not As We Know It 2" is kicking off about 5G. The trouble is, I don't even think he knows what 5G even is? Let's take a look at his "unique" view shall we... My old 5G video: I've recently just revamped my Patreon page. Take a look and join a new tier if you want some extra perks: Thank you all for watching! Dan's opinions shared in this video are supported by verified facts (whether scientific or general) and they should be treated as just that: opinions. All critique and humour are addressed to the words and actions of individuals and not to the individuals themselves, under the Act of Free Speech.

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