The Christian That Went Too Far | Theophilus McPherson

The Christian That Went Too Far, Theophilus McPherson has really taken things to a whole nother level when it comes to people who chose not to believe the same things he does and he seems completely oblivious to it all. For a man of god he seems to not really like anyone that has different beliefs to him. But don't let me influence you, judge for yourself. ___________________________________________________________________________________ HOW TO SUPPORT THE CHANNEL ✅Please consider becoming a Patreon your support is truly appreciated ___________________________________________________________________________________ ✅Donate on PayPal. ___________________________________________________________________________________ Book Me On Cameo ___________________________________________________________________________________ ✅Buy me a Coffee or a Pepsi max ___________________________________________________________________________________ ✅Amazon Wish List ___________________________________________________________________________________ ✅BLINDER GANG MERCH ___________________________________________________________________________________ ✅BECOME A CHANNEL MEMBER ___________________________________________________________________________________ ✅WEBSITE AND SOCIAL MEDIA Join the conversation on Discord Follow me on Twitter Follow me on Instagram Follow the guy that did my logo Like my Facebook Page My Subreddit ___________________________________________________________________________________ ✅CONTACT ME ___________________________________________________________________________________ ✅Got your own channel? Click here ✅THE MUSIC I USE GO NUTZ intro & Outro Music ___________________________________________________________________________________ ✅Gear I use myself and recommend (affiliate) ___________________________________________________________________________________ #thecreakyblinder #satire #tidy #playingablinder

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