An Ex-Christian Q&A (Inside the Ark Encounter)

Teacher or professor: Genetically Modified Skeptic
Subject: Critical Thinking
Content of the Lesson: Two atheists visit Ken Ham's Ark Encounter. What could go wrong? Growing up young earth creationist, I'd always dreamed about seeing Noah's ark in real life. As an evolution-accepting atheist these days, I'm still fascinated by the world wide flood myth. Answers in Genesis, which also founded the Creation Museum, has expanded the lore surrounding an ancient myth so intricately that some people think a literalist reading of Genesis is scientifically verified, with the hard proof housed inside a life-sized recreation of the Ark in the middle of Kentucky. My trip there was... a trip. Here, I decided to explore my viewers' questions about my life as a (former) devoted Christian fundamentalist while surrounded by quite possibly the most extreme display of loyalty to Biblical literalism and creationism there is. Enjoy the Q&A! -------------------------------------------FOLLOW------------------------------------------- Twitter: Facebook: Discord: -------------------------------------------SUPPORT------------------------------------------- Patreon: PayPal: -------------------------------------------Resources for atheists in need------------------------------------------- Find a Secular Therapist: Recovering from Religion helps connect those who are leaving or have left their religion with support, resources and community: Resources for Ex-Mu’s: This video contains 100% therapeutic grade skepticism.* *This statement has not been evaluated by the FDA

Click here to view video on YouTube.

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