The myth of Ireland's two greatest warriors - Iseult Gillespie

Teacher or professor: TED-Ed
Subject: Society Lessons, Environment
Content of the Lesson:Dive into the Irish myth of Táin Bò Cuailnge, where Queen Meadhbh of Connaught seeks to capture the fabled brown bull of Ulster. -- Cú Chulainn, hero of Ulster, stood at the ford at Cooley, ready to face an entire army single handedly— all for the sake of a single bull. The army in question belonged to Queen Meadhbh of Connaught. Enraged at her husband’s possession of a white bull of awesome strength, she set out to capture the fabled brown bull of Ulster at any cost. Iseult Gillespie details the Irish myth Táin Bò Cuailnge. Lesson by Iseult Gillespie, directed by Paper Panther. Animator's website: Sign up for our newsletter: Support us on Patreon: Follow us on Facebook: Find us on Twitter: Peep us on Instagram: View full lesson: #myth Thank you so much to our patrons for your support! Without you this video would not be possible! Maryam Dadkhah, Kristiyan Bonev, Keven Webb, Mihai Sandu, Deepak Iyer, Javid Gozalov, Emilia Alvarado, Jaime Arriola, Mirzat Tulafu, Lewis Westbury, Felipe Hoff, Rebecca Reineke, Cyrus Garay, Victoria Veretilo, Michael Aquilina, William Biersdorf, Patricia Alves Panagides, Valeria Sloan Vasquez, Mike Azarkman, Yvette Mocete, Pavel Maksimov, Victoria Soler-Roig, Betsy Feathers, Samuel Barbas, Therapist Gus, Sai Krishna Koyoda, Elizabeth Parker, William Bravante, Irindany Sandoval, Mark wisdom, Brighteagle, Beatriz Inácio, Mighterbump, Pamela Harrison, Maija Chapman, Liana Switzer, Curtis Light, The Brock, Dianne Palomar, Edgar Campos Barrachina, Maria Lerchbaumer, Ever Granada, Marin Kovachev, Ravi S. Rāmphal, Penelope Misquitta, Tekin Gültekin, Jhuval, Hans Peng, Gaurav Mathur and Erik Biemans.

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